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Nov 16, 2017

In this third episode of the show, I talk with Jeremiah Karpowicz of Diversified Communications.

Diversified Communications is the producer of the the Commercial UAV Expo Americas and Europe events.  These events are focused specifically on various commercial and industrial uses of drones.

Commericial UAV News is their hub for content and the place to go to explore the hundreds of artlices, interviews and other content they have produced.  Jeremiah has produced over 250 pieces of content of his own.

Topics we touch on in this episode include:

  • There’s a big difference between saying, “we need to look at drones,” versus, “we have this problem, and I think a drone can help solve it.”
  • Inventory Management and Chemical Detection
  • Mining, Construction, Utilities Applications
  • Importance of showing ROI
  • Data, Data, Data!
  • Purchase of Drone World Expo
  • Benefits of attending in person events
  • Making the technology work for you right now

You can connect UAV Expo and Jeremiah in your favorite social media spaces.

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