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Industrial Drones Podcast

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Oct 30, 2017

Why this podcast?

The show will explore ways and help you understand how drones might just be the next tool purchase at your site! The possible use cases are incredible and we will explore specific examples through interviews with experts in the field and people like you who are at various stages of use with Unmanned Systems.

This show is for you... to answer your questions about what it takes to start using drones, further your use, and understand the opportunities and limitations. Email me your questions, problems, and suggestions.

Who - why Mark?

I'm your host and the creator of the podcast.  I am a Mechanical Engineer by education (LSU - Geaux Tigers!) and have worked at industrial sites for the last 20 years. With my experience in maintenance, project engineering, and process engineering, I understand exactly what kind of challenges you deal with at your site.  I also understand many of the problems that drones can solve and perform by minimizing human risk and maximizing job efficiency.

I am a Director on the board of the Rocky Mountain chapter of AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems Int'l) and work to stay connected to the drone world.  I discovered this passion a about four years ago and see endless possibilities ahead for the technology.  I did achieve FAA Part 107 certification in September 2016.

How will the Podcast work?

The podcast will primarily be interviews with guests: from manufacturers and service providers to end users and influencers. Most episodes will be ~30 minutes long, give or take.

Frequency of publishing will be one show per month at the very beginning (November and December 2017), increasing to every 2 weeks in January 2018.  

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Exploring unmanned solutions to real world Industrial problems.